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ESS LiFePO4 Battery

Easy Installation
Long Life & High Safety Performance
High IP Level

Telecom & UPS LiFePO4 Battery Pack

48V 50Ah LiFePO4 Telecom Battery
Model: OPT48050
Size: 430 * 482 * 133 mm
Weight: <=34Kg

Electric Buses LiFePO4 Battery

Customizable battery packs for electric buses as per requirement.

Low Speed Vehicle LiFePO4 Battery

3.2V 5.5Ah LiFePo4 Battery
Model: OPT72060
Size: 620*270*220mm
weight: <=50kg

MWh Energy Storage System

Megawatt-hour (MWh) On/Off-grid energy storage system (container includes battery packs, system controlling cabinet, PCS and air conditioner)

Lead Acid Vs LiFePO4

LiFePO4 battery has superior usable capacity, significantly higher cycle life, faster & efficient charging, climate resistance and has size and weight advantages against Lead Acid Battery.

Features Lead Acid(Gel) LiFePO4
Cycle Life(100% DOD) 300-400 2000 Cycles
Weight to Energy ratio (Wh/Kg) 30-35 110
Standard charge/Discharge rate 0.1C 1C
Charge/ Discharge Efficiency@ 1C 95-98% 60%
Price (Rs/KWh) 25,000 45,000
Operating temperature 0°C-40°C -20°C-60°C