Solar 2P DC MCB supplementary protectors are designed to provide overcurrent protection within appliances or electrical equipment, where a branch circuit protection is already protection or not required.

Devices are designed for direct current (DC) control circuit applications.


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Fuse Holder

Fuse Holder

Solar dc fuse holder is especially for solar system and it can be used for 10*38 type fuse link.

Enable easy fuse installation and replacement with our comprehensive line of fuse blocks, fuse holders, and fuse accessories for automotive, electronic, and industrial applications.

Energy Meter (2)

Energy Meter

Model XTM35SA single phase DIN rail energy meter is a kind of new style single phase two wire active energy  meter. It adopts microelectronics technique, and imported large scale of integrate circuit, use advanced technique of digital and SMT technique, and etc. It has its complete independent intellectual property rights and minimum size. It has already passed the test of the international authority KEMA.

The meter completely accord with relevant technical
requirements of class 1 single phase active energy meter stipulated in international standard IEC 62053-21.  It can measure directly 50Hz or 60Hz accurate active energy consumption in single phase AC electricity net.  This meter has white backlight source, eight digits LCD displays shows the active energy consumption.  It has following features: good reliability, small volume, light weight, specious nice appearance, convenient installation, etc.
This meter has already got the patent certificate from China State Intellectual Property Office at present. Patent certificate NO.201230473501.3 and other country patent certificate are in assessing.



Solar 2P DC MCCB is designed to distribute power and protect the circuit and power equipment against overload in solar system.

It is apply to rating current 1250A or less, direct current rating voltage 1500V or less.Products according IEC60947-2, GB14048.2 standard.

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Surge Protector

Solar 2P DC SPD Surge protective device, protect against lightning surge voltages in solar system (photovoltaic power supply system). These units must be installed in parallel on the dc networks to be protected and provide common and different modes protection.

Its installed location are recommended at both ends of the dc power supply line (solar panel side and inverter/converter side), especially if the line routing is external and long. High energy MOVs equipped with specific thermal disconnectors and related failure indicators.

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